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Have You Ever Thought About Running a B&B?

September 3, 2009 by Kelleigh Dulany

What a question!

But we’re often asked what it is like to run a B&B. That is usually followed by a statement that the person/couple has dreamed of running a Bed & Breakfast for years.

Sometimes you get the impression the person has been watching too many reruns of the Newhart Show (for the uninitiated, this sitcom from a number of years ago stars Bob Newhart, a comedian with a very dry delivery, as an innkeeper who, with his wife, operates a small inn, which seems to have very few guests, so the innkeepers spend most of their time drinking coffee and chatting with the staff and neighbors).

This weekend a group of aspiring innkeepers will have the chance to find out exactly what operating a B&B is like. They are students in a three-day Inn Your Dreams course for aspiring innkeepers, taking place at Brewster House. They will spend their nights at the inn, and will tour not only Brewster House but other nearby B&B’s, while also hearing presentations on innkeeping operations, computer software, reservation software, marketing, financial matters, and all the things that an innkeeper does that is not normally apparent to the guest.

Some of these people will be just testing the waters, to see if they think innkeeping is for them. Others will be in the process of finding the inn of their dreams. Still others may have bought their inn, and are seeking detailed information to be sure they are well-prepared to begin their adventure.

Before we began operating Brewster House, we took an Inn Your Dreams course, and found that it gave us a great sense of confidence to find that other aspiring innkeepers were just ordinary people, like us. It also provided a wealth of practical information for the day-to-day operations of the inn. As we’ve become more experienced, naturally we’ve adapted the things we learned to our own style and preferences, but the starting point we had was an excellent one, and the course is one we highly recommend.

So… if you think you’d like to see what innkeeping is about (besides drinking coffee and chatting with neighbors, that is), check out Inn Your Dreams.

Inn Your Dreams Seminar at Brewster House

June 5, 2009 by Kelleigh Dulany

Inn Your Dreams, Maine’s oldest aspiring innkeeper course, has scheduled a course over three days of this year’s Labor Day Weekend, to take place at Brewster House B&B in Freeport, Maine.

The seminar will begin with arrival and Welcome Gathering on Friday evening September 4th and end after lunch on Monday (Labor Day), September 7th. Classes will begin on Saturday morning the 5th.

The class is taught by Don Johnson, a former innkeeper and owner of several outstanding Maine B&B’s and now a consultant and real estate broker specializing in representing buyers of fine inns. The course will also include presentations on specialized topics (some with guest expert speakers) such as business plans, preparing for bank financing, pricing your rooms, marketing your inn, technology and the inn, and more.

Please visit for complete information and registration.

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