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February 8, 2016 by Kelleigh Dulany

Maine Restaurant Week Will Feature Cocktail and Dish Pairing EventMaine Restaurant Week is an annual celebration of food & drink that takes place early every March, and is a fabulous excuse to “get out of Dodge” and enjoy the growing warmth of the sun, by the sea here!  It runs from March 1 – 12, and some ticket sales are limited, so don’t wait too long to commit or your options may be limited.

The festivities open on February 28th with “Spirit Quest,” @ 2PM on Sunday in Old Port, with a walk including combinations of delicious “bites” and cocktails through some of the finest restaurants in Portland.  The list of participating establishments is growing, but already includes such notables as David’s, TIQA, 555 and Liquid Riot!  Looks like $40/ participant to us.

The list of participating restaurants is growing, as we speak, but will include some of the most amazing restaurants in the State of Maine, offering 3 course dinners for $25, $35, $45 or $55, + special MRW lunches for only $15!  For sure our favorite, the Azure Cafe in Freeport will be participating.  Some special MRW menus are already online, with more appearing daily, as more restaurants sign up.

Hey, on Sunday, March 13th, @ 2PM the “Coffee & Desert Pairing Event” is to be held in Portland.  This sounds like a hot one to a boy with a very serious sweet tooth!!  “Coffee by Design’s” roastery team is creating their best brews to go with bite sized tastes of the most incredible desert entrees from the likes of Dean’s Sweets, Two Fat Cats, Love Cupcakes and Scratch.  More are signing up every day too!  Tix are $35 and to sweeten the deal, this is benefit supporting the fine work of Preble Street (homeless shelter).

croissant covered with blueberries & surrounded by lemon peels

Brewster House’s Lemon Ricotta Stuffed French Toast!

At Brewster House, we have the breakfast gig well covered, with your 3 course gourmet breakfast, and fresh ground coffee prepared in a french press, and home baked cookies and cakes for your afternoon delight!  There are no more comfortable beds and linens, nor more commodious baths on the coast of Maine!and let’s not forget the fireplaces…..  Make you reservation today.  As a note, we will be away from 2/19 until 3/1, but our “Spring Serenity Special” kicks in on that date, meaning we offer 3 night stays for the price of 2 nights.  See our Spring Serenity package for details!


Flavors of Freeport (6th Annual) Food Festival

January 8, 2013 by Kelleigh Dulany

If you enjoy visiting Maine, especially Freeport, and if you love food (and who doesn’t??), you’ll look forward to coming to Freeport in February for the 6th Annual Flavors of Freeport festival.

In the past the Flavors of Freeport festival has featured the Chef’s Signature Series on Friday night, and this year is no different in that respect. The Chef’s Signature Series will be held from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., with the venue continuing to be the Freeport Hilton Garden Inn.

Enjoy the flavors from Freeport’s finest chefs and top food artisans, as they present tastes of their best dishes to showcase their culinary skill and style.  Attendees vote on their favorite display and “flavor” and are also entered to win fabulous door prizes!  Will award winning executive chef Christopher Bassett of Azure Cafe take first place again this year?  You be the judge!

In addition, Maine beverage purveyors provide the opportunity to sample local hand crafted beer, wine and spirits.

As in the past, there will be a silent art auction featuring pieces from the Freeport Art & Music Festival during the event to benefit the Freeport Community Services Food Pantry.

During the evening, accompanying the Chef’s Signature Series on Friday (also 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.) will be an Ice Bar. The ice bar will feature a martini luge,  ice sculptures, roaring fires to cozy up to, music with other wonderful beverages to sample.

Bundle up in your warmest winter wear and enjoy a night of festivities outside in February with family and friends. One ticket to the ice bar gains the holder (21 years and older) entrance and one beverage – additional beverage tickets can be purchased on site.

Tickets and information can be found at

Ruth & Scott
Brewster House Bed & Breakfast, Freeport, Maine

A Taste of Freeport

February 22, 2011 by Kelleigh Dulany

It’s hard to believe, but the fourth annual Flavors of Freeport is right around the corner!

This year’s event begins Friday, March 25 with the guest favorite, the Chef’s Signature Series. Last year’s event included a silent art auction, plus samples from restaurants, pubs, bed and breakfasts, candy companies, wine distributors, and more!

It is a great exhibit of some of the finest samplings of food you’ll find anywhere – and there is so much of it that you won’t need to go out to dinner!

This year there is a new event on Saturday, March 26, called the Celebrity Waiter Luncheon. A three course luncheon will be prepared and served by the Hilton Garden Inn staff, and service will be provided by local celebrities, who will also keep the diners amused with their humorous back-and-forth banter, pouring water and coffee, and catering to the requests of the guests. Attendees of the luncheon will be encouraged to tip their celebrity waiters based on the level of service and entertainment they are being provided (are they making you laugh so hard you are in tears?). All of this is in good fun, and all celebrity-earned tips will benefit the event’s charities.

Advance tickets are available separately for the Chef’s Signature Series and Celebrity Waiter Luncheon, or buy a combined “Flavors Pack” for a discounted rate. Major credit cards are accepted online. Tickets at the door will be cash only.

Check availability and book now, so you’ll be here for a taste of Freeport!

Flavors of Freeport: A Taste to Return To

April 13, 2010 by Kelleigh Dulany

Last weekend’s Third Annual Flavors of Freeport is in the books, and a wonderful time was had by all we could see!

The weekend began with the always-popular Chef’s Signature Series and Libations Gala. Three hours of tasting the food samples, wines, Maine vodkas, beer, desserts, candies, Whoopie Pies, and more, all from local farms, restaurants, beverage distributors, bed and breakfasts, tea rooms, distilleries, candy makers, etc. Betty Reez WhoopieZ took first prize for her display, and Petrillo’s restaurant won the best food, both by votes of the people attending.

Saturday began with Lifestyle Demonstrations throughout the day and a Block Party with music, balloons, etc., in the late afternoon and evening. Both nights also featured music in more intimate settings.

If you missed this year’s event, start making plans now to be here for the Fourth Annual Flavors of Freeport in 2011!

Mapping Whoopie in Maine

February 24, 2010 by Kelleigh Dulany

Whoopie Pie from MaineYou did read that title carefully, right? After all, this is a family-friendly blog!

Until you’ve tried one, you may think the idea of a cream (or marshmallow cream, or whatever) frosting between two moist cookies (or cakes, if you prefer) to be something other than delicious. But give it a try anyway. When you think of some of the things we eat… Oh, let’s not go there!

Suffice it to say, that, as Wicked Whoopies says on their web site, there are at least ten smiles in every Whoopie Pie. They’re not only light and sweet (but not too sweet), but delightful! They often come in different flavors. The traditional whoopie pie has chocolate cookies and a marshmallow or vanilla center. Variations include vanilla cookies, maple cookies, pumpkin cookies, and others, as well as flavored frosting inside, such as maple, chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter or mint.

Not long ago we came across a forum where a conversation started with a simple request about where to find a good whoopie pie in Maine. From the responses you might think this was a discussion about football teams or other matters of national security! From Kittery to Bangor, from the coast to the mountains, someone had a favorite they wanted to defend.

We are aware of some of these places, and have tried whoopie pies at a few, but others were familiar to us for their other wonderful treats, or we didn’t know of them at all, and were happy to have new places to try!

Ruth has even been trying her hand at making some whoopie pies (the maple cookie with maple frosting is especially good!). You may even see them out as a treat at Brewster House. Meanwhile, the map below will help you find some of the places to evaluate for yourself! Let us know if you have a favorite we should add to the map!

View Maine Whoopie Pies in a larger map

Maine’s Diners – History and a Greasy Spoon

February 16, 2010 by Kelleigh Dulany

When we first began to visit Maine we learned that unlike many parts of the country, Maine’s diners had not only survived, but many of them thrive, whether along the coast, in popular tourist destinations, or in more remote areas of the Pine Tree state.

As we began to explore the state, we also began to explore the diners – enjoying the friendly, family-oriented atmosphere, the good, old-fashioned, styles of cooking, the variety of food on the menu, and the classic diner meals. We found you could get anything from a hot dog or a grilled cheese sandwich, to a steak dinner, a classic Maine lobster dinner, or almost anything in between.

There there was dessert. Oh, my, was there dessert! Ice cream and a variety of pies, fresh from the oven! We quickly discovered that this was the best place to get blueberry pies!

Practically every part of Maine has a diner (or two, or three…). From the world famous Maine Diner in Wells (where tourists sometimes visit in hopes of seeing one of the famous neighbors from Kennebunkport, the Bush family), to Moody’s Diner in Waldoboro (decorated with photgraphs of visitors who purchased a Moody’s Diner T-shirt, then sent back a photo of themselves wearing it in remote parts of the world), to the smaller and less well-known diners in all corners of Maine, the food is good, the company pleasant, and the atmosphere delightful (and the pie is great, too!).

Below is a map from Brewster House Bed & Breakfast which you can use to get directions to the various diners. There are a lot more diners in addition to the ones listed on the map. We’ll be adding more over time, but feel free to give us a shout if we’ve missed one of your favorites, and we’ll gladly add it to the map.

View Maine’s Diners – History and a Greasy Spoon in a larger map

Save a piece of blueberry pie for me!

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