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No doilies or wallpaper, and only en suite bathrooms, here!

April 27, 2010 by Kelleigh Dulany

Brewster House Bed & Breakfast dining roomWhat is that title about? At Brewster House Bed & Breakfast in Freeport, Maine, we’re advocating truth in advertising!

A week or two ago the California Association of Bed & Breakfast Inns (CABBI) released the results of a study, asking travelers their perception of staying at bed and breakfast inns. The results revealed some interesting myths about staying in B&Bs. This link is an article listing the findings, and the myth-busting replies.

The list includes decor, shared bathrooms, breakfast seating arrangements, curfews, and whether or not children or pets are allowed. But are these really problems? We know some guests who prefer separate tables for each group of guests, and others who love the interaction of a single dining table. Some like a more modern style of decor, while others revel in the historic accuracy of period decor.

Stepping back a bit from the results, it really looks like the concern isn’t so much what the travelers say about the B&Bs, but what they don’t say. That is, they seem to be concerned that they just don’t know what they are going to get when they choose a bed and breakfast.

In truth, our experience indicates that bed and breakfast inns are as varied as their locations and the personalities of their owners. Some are themed around the surrounding area or its history, like one we know in an old bordello, or railroad cars, and others are very formal, in keeping with the mansions in which they are located. Some are quite casual, reflecting the attitude of the innkeepers, and some are less so.

Brewster House Bed & Breakfast, Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Room FourIn these days when the internet provides the opportunity for inns of all kinds to put their best foot forward, showing accurately what the guest can expect when they stay at that property. In fact, there really is no excuse for not showing the prospective guests exactly what they can expect, whether it is wallpaper or paint, doilies or not, separate dining or family style, etc.

With all that in mind, we want to make it clear what you will find when you come visit Brewster House. We invite you to look through our web site, explore the photos of the rooms, look at the virtual tours, and really see what we have to offer. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • No doilies or wallpaper, and no patchwork quilts. Our rooms are painted (we have no wallpaper) with soothing colors – some relatively bold, some softer, with coordinating paint in the baths. Most of the beds have rich, designer, comforters, though a few have designer quilts. We do have antiques in the house, mixed with more modern furnishings, as well.
  • We have no shared bathrooms. All our rooms have baths in the rooms (that is, the bathroom is entered from inside your guest room, and not shared with other guests). In our two bedroom suites the bath is a pass-through between the two bedrooms, so it is shared by members of your own party, not with other guests.
  • You do not have to sit with strangers at breakfast, and dietary restrictions can be accommodated. We think our dining room has the best of both worlds. It has individual tables (most are for two, one is for four), so you sit with your own party, but the other guests are not far away, in case you would like to have a friendly conversation with them. We serve a set breakfast each morning, usually alternating between a sweet dish one day and a savory dish the next. We routinely ask about dietary restrictions, and can nearly always select something from our repertoire of breakfast dishes that will meet your needs.
  • We have no curfews. Each guest is given a room key which opens their guest room, but also opens the guest entrance to the house. Thus, while our check-in time is from 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (and we can make arrangements for late arrivals, if needed), guests who have checked-in have no curfew and can come and go at any time using their room key for access to the house.
  • Not only for couples. It is true that most (by a good measure) of our guests are couples. However, with our two bedroom suites, we also often have either a group of four traveling together or a family, staying with us. Maine does not allow lodging properties to refuse accommodation on the basis that the guest is accompanied by children. In compliance with this requirement, we welcome well-behaved guests of any age. We do ask that guests with children be considerate of other guests, and supervise their children at all times, being aware that most of our guests are here to enjoy a quiet, romantic, getaway, often as a time away from their own children.

Each bed and breakfast makes its own decision whether or not to allow pets. At Brewster House we have a number of guests who are allergic to animal fur and are very sensitive to the presence of animals. Consequently we do not allow pets. However, there are excellent boarding facilities nearby, as well as other properties who do allow pets.

Whether you are traveling to Freeport, Maine, or anywhere else, you can almost certainly find a bed and breakfast where you will be welcomed like an old friend, with comfortable surroundings, a wonderful breakfast, appropriate levels of privacy and all the help you need for recommendations of restaurants, activities and directions. Look for a B&B for your next getaway!

Spring Has Finally Sprung!

April 21, 2010 by Kelleigh Dulany

hyacinth, Brewster House, Freeport MaineAmid some early spring drizzle and last weekend’s last-gasp-of-winter dusting of snow, Freeport has arrived, fully gilded, in Spring!

Here at Brewster House, the hyacinths are in full bloom, the tulips are now fully out, and the daffodils are getting beyond their peak. The trees are budding, the birds are singing, and it is time to open up the windows and let the springtime in!

tulips, Brewster House, Freeport MaineIt’s also time we were finishing up our winter projects, and getting things ready for the start of the season – and that’s just what we’re doing, too!

This week the fireplace units were installed in three of the queen rooms on the second floor, and they are having their propane lines installed as I write this. A few finishing touches, and the mantels and new armoires will be installed, and they’ll be ready for use.

This, along with the new third floor carpets, new paint in the hallways and a couple of the guest rooms, new bed linens in one room, and updated bath fixtures in most places, has been a makeover that we think will really make Brewster House an enjoyable place to visit.

Once everything is complete, we’ll be having new photos on the web site, so please stay tuned!

Slow Transformations

January 26, 2010 by Kelleigh Dulany

As we’ve mentioned previously, the slower winter season is our time to work on our projects at Brewster House (it is also our time to take a break and travel or visit family, but that is a post for another time!).

Room Five at Brewster House B&B, Freeport MaineThis year the transformations began early – before Thanksgiving – with the changes in Room Five, the front room on the second floor, with a bay window. It had been a nice shade of gray, appearing almost blue-gray in certain lights. The room had a red, white and blue floral bedspread which needed to be replaced.

We located a very pretty new bedspread, with matching valances for the windows, in aqua, with gold accents. We found a honey-colored paint for the room, and painted the bath the same aqua as the bedding. We also updated the bath with some new features. New chairs for the bay window completed the transformation.

Room Six, one of our two bedroom suites on the third floor, has also had its bath painted and renovated.

Ruth painting back stairwellAfter Christmas Ruth began painting the third floor hallways and the front stairs, to match the second floor halls. She was precariously atop a ladder, over the deep stairwell in the front, painting the top of the highest walls. More recently, she has completed the halls and been working her way down the back stairs. In the accompanying photo you can see here atop a ladder, at the almost two-story rise of the back stairwell.

More exciting changes are in the works, and we will be posting updates throughout the Spring months (interrupted by some family vacation time, as well).

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