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The Best Inn in Freeport

December 17, 2014 by Kelleigh Dulany

Come and let us host you at the the best inn in Freeport!!  I was going to title this blog “Value,” but I came to the conclusion it made more sense to simply cut to the chase!  What we’re talking about here is described partially by buzz words like “elegant, relaxing, gourmet, built in details, fire-placed rooms, and attention to service.”  Really, I want to paint you a picture of why Brewster House is where you will prefer to stay in Freeport!

Mary & I got into the hospitality lifestyle and business with two predominant ideas in our heads;

1.  One was to own an intimate lodging (which quickly looked like that would mean 6-10 rooms) so as to “keep it simple.”

2.  The second was to provide the highest levels of comfort, relaxation, kindness and a breakfast “to die for.”

Croissant french toast slathered with strawberries

Strawberry French Toast

If you’re like most of us 21st century humans, your leisure time is very limited and so by definition, precious!  When you finally get to escape the overbearing demands of work, family and home, the commute needs to disappear behind a relaxing, quiet experience, totally different in character from your everyday grind, the answer is a turnkey escape.  You don’t want to be distracted by a less than immaculate room, a not-so-comfortable mattress, less than a bone warming shower, or a just so-so breakfast, amidst a herd of loud pajama clad, rude, cardboard waffle & Aunt Jemima addicts.  What you had in mind were a cool glass of wine by a warm fire in a beautiful room, with a great bed and ironed sheets, your perfect pillow, plush robe and a breakfast you’ve been dreaming about……   Add to that your choice of white sand beaches, shopping, golf, museums, sailing or learning a new sport!  In this perfect escape, your hosts would be there to help, but not intrusive, full of ideas (when asked) about where to eat, where to explore, what to do, what micro-breweries to visit, or who to go out on the water exploring with.  The intimacy of a quiet, private breakfast, or the choice of chatting and laughing with other folks from a world you may or may not recognize, as your option.

Room w/ yellow walls, blue hassled bedspread, fireplace and bay window seating area

Marshall Point Room

Our focus is totally on you and your FREE time.  We want to help make this special moment in life the best it could possibly be!  So, our eyes are on the issues that we would look for in a great place to stay;  In summary, bed, bath and breakfast.  At Brewster House we also take pride in our “concierge services,” be that recommending great places to go, things to see, unique experiences to try or simply picking you up at the Amtrak station from the Downeaster.  Our bathrooms are large (6 of 7 include full tubs), private and are furnished with the finest, most absorbent towels and fine toiletries.  We recently upgraded our WiFi system to a true high-speed fiber-optic cable to help make your stay seamless, be it purely leisure, or if you’re stuck with including a bit of work on your escape.  We’ve partnered with the best local restaurants, charter boat captains, museums and outdoor experiences, such as the LL Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools

Line of people with bows drawn in an archery class

Archery class w/ LL Bean

Mary is constantly adopting, inventing and embellishing in the kitchen, as spectacular breakfasts are truly her primary mission here.  I’m always looking to add landscaping features, make sure all of our building systems work well and appear seamless, as well as for ways to bring real Maine to our rooms and public spaces.  This year, we’ll be adding a Maine Funbook to the living room with ideas for things to do, see and eat, including provisions for our guests to add their own great recommendations.

If VALUE is what you’re looking for in your Freeport adventure, you can’t do better than Brewster House Bed & Breakfast!!


August 18, 2013 by Kelleigh Dulany

Scott & Mary
Brewster House Bed & Breakfast, Freeport, Maine

Continuing the “relax at Brewster House” theme, it seems like the right time to share our latest addition to your get-away pleasure.
From the first day we came here, we thought it seemed a most natural pleasure that wine should be offered here.  The French have an appreciation for the sybaritic qualities that wine brings to life and socializing, and it is in that spirit that we are offering a selection of ten tasty wines.  The porch rockers lend themselves to a glass of wine, as do the garden Adirondack chairs in the garden, as does the newly refurbished salon!!
Our goal was to offer some less common (not grocery store wine) and very tasty wines, while offering a range of varietals and pedigrees.  So, in the spirit of duty-bound inn-keepers, Mary and I sat with our man from Nappi last Thursday morning, and worked over 14 different bottles to decide what we’re would start out offering you.  We hope that you share our prejudices, and regret that you were unable to make the impromptu Brewster House tasting later that evening by the fire, in our newly updated back gardens.  The guests who were here had a very good time with us!!  I meant to use my camera, but never remembered to pull it out.  It was a very tiring day!
Within this group, there are two sparkling choices, a Prosecco and a Gloria Ferrer Sonoma Brut (champagne in France) for the many folks who come here celebrating a life event (honeymooners, anniversaries).  We stock lower and higher end Chardonnays, a Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, an elegant Merlot from Washington State, and on.  We have an arrangement with our wholesaler where we can buy single bottles of any variety or vintage, so if you need something special and can give us a few days, we can likely get it!  We intend what we carry to be fluid, based on your likes and dislikes, but really feel we’re off to a strong start with the bottles we have here.  The collection is priced from  $16 to $33 (including sales tax), with a nice choice of reds and whites at the lower end of that range.

We keep the sparkling wines and whites in the frig, and the balance of the stock in the nice, cool basement.  In the near future, we’ll be modifying our celebratory packages to include a bottle of sparking wine.  If you’ve been here, you know we have an ice machine and buckets for your convenience.
So, for whatever reason, if you need (or want) a good bottle of wine while you’re here, you can get count on some great choices in-house!  

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