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April 12, 2014 by Kelleigh Dulany

God, thank you for today!!  Mid-sixties, no wind and you could even feel the warmth of the sun on your skin!  I took a big gamble and took off my snow tires! 

What’s the last thing you want to do on the weekend, after a week of commuting?  No more driving, or sitting in traffic, right??  Brewster House has your answer!!  Take your comfy seat on the Downeaster, (North Station, Woburn, Haverhill or Exeter, NH), even bring your bicycle, and enjoy the ride!  We will pick you up and drop you off at the station, if you let us know when you’ll be arriving.
Then you ask, “what will we do, Tonto?”  Brewster House recently arranged for you to join LL Bean’s Outdoor Discovery Schools!!  For very short money, LL Bean offers an amazing array of choices of “learn to” activities.  The tie in to being car-less here is that you simply walk the 3 blocks to meet them, and they will take you by shuttle to their Discovery Center where these activities are offered (near Wolfs Neck).  If you can imagine this, you could be learning to fly fish, skeet shoot, kayak, paddleboard, or canoeing!  Further, at specified times, they will be offering mixed activities for more extended adventures, such as biking and camping, sea-kayaking including camping, etc.  In the winter, they offer snowshoeing and cross-country skiing lessons as well (snow conditions permitting).    Check out their website for dates, times and availability 
Our new website is only weeks from being operable.  In fact, it could be sooner, but we want to hold off to include new photographs showing off our newly renovated rooms, which Christian Giannelli will be taking for us next week.  In re-evaluating some of what’s on our current website, and what we inherited vs. new directions we think we should take, we will be offering several new packages.  We know you will find them to be simply elegant and will want to come spend time with us!  One of these will be the “LL Bean Outdoor Discovery Package,” including your choice of activity, and a dinner gift certificate to reward you for your outdoor efforts.
Not being a shopper myself, I’ve long thought we should be offering a package making it clear that shopping does not have to be your activity to enjoy the area (even though it may be your partners)!  I haven’t settled on a name, and please don’t jump on me with the “sexist” label, but I’m thinking of something like “Women Shop/ Men Play Package.”  Please know I am open to other name suggestions!  It is my intention to offer a range of active choices including golf, boating or LL Bean adventures, and maybe a spa treatment for the ladies!  Of course we need to reunite the group with dinner, so a dinner gift certificate will be in order as well.  I don’t know about your relationship, but in ours, usually the guys and ladies team up for such weekends, so this is a perfect set-up for two or more couples!
We are working with a local company who owns five golf courses, including the Bath Country Club and Sunday River Golf courses for a Golf  n’Stay Package.
You know those less exciting seasons?  Here we call them stick and mud season, but you may feel the same about winter.  Don’t forget Reconnect Weekends, where during our slower seasons, you and your family/ friends/ college buddies/ co-workers can take the whole inn for a VERY DEEP DISCOUNT.     

Jump into Spring with a plan to come to Brewster House and play!!  Please call if we can help you plan, or answer questions for you!  We love to help people relax and enjoy life!!!   

Maine Adventure Blog

July 16, 2013 by Kelleigh Dulany

OK, let’s move to the wild side just a bit.  I want to present a couple of vacation adventure ideas that I know some of you will consider, THEY ARE BOTH “REAL MAINE!”
We’ve happily befriended some local folks who manufacture custom glass & Kevlar kayaks and canoes (not to mention snow-sleds and paddleboards).  They are light and beautiful and you can see them crafting them right here in Freeport.  They are Lincoln Canoe & Kayak on S. Main St., and they’re so smart that they offer you both instruction and the use of their beautiful boats via their Lincoln Outdoor Center, such that you will realize that you need and deserve one.  You can simply rent a kayak or canoe, or paddleboard, join them on a ½ day tour or even a multi-day “explore Casco Bay” trip in early August or late June.  Their Kayaks are the definition of grace and elegance.  Please tell Emma or Mark that the Brewster House sent you!  Check out their website, www.lincolncanoe.comand store when you’re here and you’ll see why we’re crazy about them!!  We can create an unforgettable  Brewster stay/ Lincoln kayak adventure package for you.
Also got an e-mail today from Magic Falls Rafting Company promoting their $49 Thursdays Kennebec white water rafting adventure.  Mary and I have rafted both the Penobscot and Kennebec many times, and will tell you it’s a thrill and fabulous way to experience the waterways and wilderness Maine offers.  The Forks is a little over 2 hours north of here, the trip leaves at 10:15AM, hits the big rapids in the Kennebec Upper Gorge and has you back in camp at 1:30PM, so you can easily be back in Freeport for a long hot shower and dinner, and a room as soft and sweet as the Kennebec was wild and woolie.  Of course, you could raft these rivers anytime, but the timing and price on this deal make for an excellent one-day side expedition.

Some of our best times in Maine have been playing outside, so we hope you will try playing in the water here, there’s lot of it!!

Scott & Mary

Brewster House Bed & Breakfast, Freeport, Maine

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