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Boating Portland, Part 1

June 21, 2014 by Kelleigh Dulany

Brewster House Bed & Breakfast, Freeport, Maine

Wow, boating Portland offers so many great boating opportunities, this blog will be confined to that City, and I’ll follow up with a subsequent blog for boating choices from Freeport, and East.  Commercial St. is 20 minutes from our door, so after the bustle of a day on the water, and lunch or dinner around the Portland waterfront, there is no better respite than a glass of wine on the porch of Brewster House on the quiet north side of little ole Freeport!

Please refer back to my piece of July 29th, 2013.  In that blog I referred both to Atlantic Seal Cruises and The Portland Schooner Company.

Wendameen on a port tack

Wendameen on a port tack

The Portland Schooner Company runs two vintage, beautiful schooners “Bagheera” & “Wendameen” several times a day, including sunset cruises  Sailing is a beautiful & unique experience in which the power of nature is both moving and soothing!   See their website for schedules.  This experience  is very economical and exhilarating, when there is wind!!  Our Seafarer Adventure Package includes a trip with Portland Schooners for two!

A simple and inexpensive approach to appreciating Casco Bay by ferry would be Casco Bay Ferry Lines  They offer a great variety of adventures, everything from the “Mailboat Run” (to most of the inhabited islands in the Bay) for a 3 hour round trip for just $16, to “Sunset” and “Sunrise” runs.  Can you think of a better way to while away a few hours, taking in the Bay on a summer day?  I’ll bet you can bring your own cooler too!

Of the same ilk, but a hair more tourist oriented would be Portland Discovery Land & Sea Tours  While much of their business is bus based, they do sell a couple of “Lighthouse Tours” of the Portland Casco Bay area, one of which is a sunset tour!  All for a piddling sum!

White & Blue hulled lobster boat with smiling crew aboard

Lucky Catch Lobstering

One of our favorite themes is lobsters, so the Lucky Catch Lobstering Tours are a hoot!  For $30 (adult), you’ll get to participate in being a lobstaman (or lobtsawoman) and even take home a lobster for dock price!!  These tours are 1 hour 45 minutes, and they also lead seal watches as well.  Seals remind me of dogs a bit.

Humpback tail on wate & Tour Boat

Odyssey Whale Watch

There are whale watch boats from both Boothbay Harbor and Portland, but for this installment, we’ll confine our attention to the latter.  Odyssey Whale Watch Tours operate a good size boat (above) out of a Commercial Street wharf.  They leave at 2PM in season, and go out up to 20 miles out for a 4 hour trip, during which you may see humpbacks, fin whales, minke whales, and often porpoises.  Remember, on any of these trips, once you leave the dock, the air temperature will reflect the sea temperature (which is now in low 50’s), so bring an extra layer!  It is an amazing experience to hang at the bow of the boat looking down at porpoises riding the bow wave, as they turn and look back at you!

Whatever your taste in ocean adventure, Brewster House has the best beds (choice of pillows, choice of layered blankets, ironed sheets), quietest rooms and most incredibly delicious breakfast in Freeport, so come back to recoup!!   We’ll deal with the Nova Scotia Ferry as a whole other subject!  Remember, this is only Part One!  Next blog, we’ll work up from Freeport North and East to New Harbor, stay tuned!!

Lobster Time is Almost Here!

April 9, 2013 by Kelleigh Dulany

Just a reminder – it won’t be long now, that this…

will turn into this…

and this…

Need a map to find a lobster shack near you? Try this one

See you soon!

Ruth & Scott
Brewster House Bed & Breakfast, Freeport, Maine

Lobster Lover’s Guide to Freeport Maine Restaurants

July 12, 2011 by Kelleigh Dulany

Two years ago we created our Map of Maine Lobster Shacks in response to Travel + Leisure’s list of the 10 Best Lobster Shacks in Maine. We thought they had overlooked some good ones, so we added them. Our readers agreed, and suggested some more, which we have also added.

More recently, some of our guests at our Freeport Maine Bed & Breakfast have categorically stated that they were here to eat lobster. Lobster for every meal (except breakfast, as they eat that at Brewster House, of course). Lobster in every way they can find it. So, where to go?

Freeport Restaurants

Freeport’s Economic Development office lists 33 restaurants. That is certainly more than we can cover in one blog post, but the truth is, nearly all of them serve lobster in one form or another, whether a traditional whole lobster dinner, a lobster roll, lobster stew, lobster bisque, or something more exotic.

Lobster rolls can be found at McDonalds (yes, McDonalds), as well as several other restaurants, including the Corsican Restaurant, the Broad Arrow Tavern, the Freeport Chowder House, and the Lobster Cooker,

The Freeport Chowder House also has lobster cakes (like crab cakes, but different).

Many places, including Harraseeket Lunch & Lobster, at the South Freeport wharf, have a full lobster dinner, featuring the traditional steamed whole lobster. Jameson Tavern offers this, and several fairly traditional lobster formulas, like lobster tail, steak & lobster, lobster with chowder and steamed clams, and a lazy man’s lobster (all the work of shelling it is done for you). Lobster Alfredo can be found at Petrillo’s.

One of Freeport’s newest restaurants is Linda Bean’s Maine Kitchen and Topside Tavern. Linda is the granddaughter of legendary L.L. Bean. Her restaurant offers a variety of Maine seafood, including several lobster dishes.

You’ll find lobster salad at the Corsican Restaurant and the Muddy Rudder (which also offers lobster crepes, and whole lobster).

For lobster stew try the Broad Arrow Tavern at the Harraseeket Inn, or the Corsican Restaurant. Lobster Cooker also has a lobster chowder and a lobster bisque.

Lobster pizza is available at Antonias Pizzeria, the Freeport Chowder House, and the Corsican Restaurant.

The Maine Dining Room at the Harraseeket Inn features several lobster dishes this summer, including Lobster Spring Roll, Lobster Crepe, Lobster Stew, Lobster and Spinach Fetuccini, and Steamed Lobster.

But perhaps the most variety, all with their usual outstanding quality and flavorful sauces, is Azure Cafe (home to the 2010 Maine Lobster Chef of the Year), who has lobster salad, a lobster version of their Seafood Risotto and also their Sicilian Style Cioppino, a full steamed lobster dinner (they guarantee the best price in town), a lobster Fetuccini Alfredo, and a Lobster Scampi.


Of course, if you still need more variety, the many and varied restaurants of Portland are only a short drive away, and just beyond is Kennebunkport, Wells, and Kittery, while to the north are several great lobster shacks, such as Shaws in New Harbor, Five Islands Lobster Shack on Georgetown Island, and many, many more!

Maine Lobster: Come and get it!

April 19, 2011 by Kelleigh Dulany

The guests at our Freeport Maine Bed & Breakfast routinely ask where to go for Maine Lobster. While pretty much all the Freeport restaurants serve lobster (in one form or another, from a full lobster dinner to various baked lobster, lobster bisque or lobster stew), if you’re looking for the “real” Maine experience, you’ll want to visit a Maine lobster shack.

Some time ago we took the “10 Best Lobster Shacks in Maine” article from Travel + Leisure magazine and mapped them, then added a few of our favorites that the magazine had missed, to create the map at the link above (also embedded below). That remains a hugely popular map, to help find the lobster shack you’d like to visit.

Here are some comments on some that are not far from Brewster House Bed & Breakfast.

Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster, Freeport

Freeport’s own lobster shack is located in South Freeport, just a mile or two from Brewster House and Freeport’s shopping area. They offer a full, select your own, lobster dinner, as well as other local seafood. Sit inside, or at a picnic table on the wharf, and admire Wolfes Neck across the water, as the boats bob alongside.

Two Lights Lobster Shack

Just south of Portland, adjacent to Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse (Two Lights), on a small hill is Two Lights Lobster Shack. It offers lobster and other local seafood, as well as breathtaking views of Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse, Casco Bay, and on a clear day, Portland Head Lighthouse and nearby islands.

Five Islands Lobster Company

Located at the tip of Georgetown Island, offshore from Bath, Maine, and about 30 minutes drive from Brewster House, the views offered at this working lobster dock are spectacular! Eat on the dock in open air, and watch the lobster boats unload their catch nearby. Don’t forget to stop at Reid State Park for magnificent views of the sandy beach from the rocky heights around it.

Red’s Eats

No comment on lobster shacks would be complete without mentioning world renowned Red’s Eats in Wiscasset. About 35 minutes north of Brewster House on US-1, Red’s is on the left side of the road, right in town, just before you cross the bridge to the north. Location is everything, and this location is part of the reason for the popularity of this Maine icon. Lines can be long in summer, as you wait for your top-rated lobster roll.

View Favorite Lobster Shacks (and similar spots) in a larger map

Enjoy your lobster!

A Maine Lobster Bake at Home

June 8, 2010 by Kelleigh Dulany

Maine lobster postcardWe know people love lobster, but they can’t all get it where they live (that’s so sad! – if you are here, check out our map of lobster shacks), so today’s post is a guest post from our friends at Check their special offer for our readers at the end of the post!

Lobster Bake at Home

Looking for an authentic lobster bake, but can’t get to Maine? Try a lobster bake at home! You need an outdoor grill for this lobster recipe. A touch of seaweed really adds flavor to the taste of fresh seafood.

Serves 4

Seaweed about 2 lbs.
4 Lobsters 1 1/4 LB to 1 1/2 LB
Steamer Clams 1 1/2 LBS
Mussels 1 1/2 LBS
Jumbo Raw Shrimp 16 each
Lemon Slices 10 slices
Water 1 cup
Melted Butter 1 cup

Large Baking Sheet


1. Place cookie sheet on the grill. Add the water. Spread 1/2 the seaweed on the cookie sheet
2. Place lobster, clams, mussels and shrimp on top of the seaweed.
3. Slice the lemon thin. Sprinkle the lemon slices over the lobster.
4. Cover with the rest of the seaweed.
5. Turn grill on low and close the cover.
6. Lobster bake should be done in about 12 – 18 minutes or when the clams and mussels are open.
7. Serve with the melted butter.

This lobster bake was served up by our friends at
Since 1999, has shipped the finest Live Maine lobster, lobster gifts, and chowders to satisfied customers coast-to-coast. Test the waters and give them a try. Enter BHBB at online checkout and get $10 off your first order.

Map of Maine Lobster Shacks! Great Places for Lobster.

June 18, 2009 by Kelleigh Dulany

You may also want to see our 2012 update, Secret Lobster Shacks of Maine, with more info, photos, and an updated map!

Update: We’ve received suggestions for additional spots, so we’ve removed the “12” from the title, as that number is no longer correct – there are more!

Not too long ago we wrote a post about lobster in Maine (Visiting Maine Part 4 – Lobster, Lobstah, Ahhh, Heaven). In that post we mentioned an article from Travel + Leisure magazine from a few years ago, called “10 Best Lobster Shacks in Maine.” We noted that a couple of our favorites were missing from the list.

We’ve also posted previously about the seasons for lobster, hard and soft shells, etc., in a recent post.

Little did we know, but Travel + Leisure has updated that article with a June, 2009 version of “10 Best Lobster Shacks in Maine.” There are some wonderful places for lobster in that article, but we still think they’re missing some good ones.

However, one of the questions we most frequently hear is, “Where should I go for a lobster dinner?” Consequently, we’ve put together a map of the top 10 from Travel + Leisure, plus a couple of our favorites, and release it below as a public service :^)

View Favorite Lobster Shacks (and similar spots) in a larger map>

If we missed your favorite lobster shack or restaurant, please let us know in the comments and we’ll see if we can add it for future reference.

Visiting Maine – Lobster, Lobstah, Ahhh, Heaven – Part 4

May 7, 2009 by Kelleigh Dulany

Continuing our series on where to find the information you need for your visit to Maine, let’s talk lobster – or let’s talk lobstah. However you pronounce it, it is uniquiely associated with Maine and uncommonly tasty.

Quite some time ago we talked about where to go for Maine lobster, providing a discussion of seasons, hard and soft shells, etc. – that information is a good starting point.

Where to Get It

As the Maine state tourism office says, “Maine lobster (is any other kind half as good?) is the starring item on menus at sophisticated restaurants throughout the state, as well as at rough-hewn shanties with picnic tables set along the coast.”

Most places offer lobster, whether restaurants, diners, hole-in-the-wall cafes, fast food places, lobster roll places, or lobster shacks. Usually it is a lobster dinner, with ears of sweet corn and a side of coleslaw.


Practically any restaurant in the state will offer lobster. Some are the traditional lobster dinner, others are more exotic creations from the chef. All use the delicious local red crustacean. Buy a Box of Maine Gifts

Lobster Shacks

Many folks like the idea of lobster fresh off the boats. You can find that at most of Maine’s lobster shacks along the coast. In some cases the prices are better at the lobster shacks, too. Travel + Leisure Magazine has an article (updated in June, 2009) on “The 10 Best Lobster Shacks in Maine” which gives some good recommendations. It includes Red’s Eats in Wiscasset, which we’ll class under Lobster Roll, below, but most of the others are genuine lobster shacks.

Some of our favorites are Harasseeket Lunch and Lobster, in South Freeport, and Five Islands Lobster Company in Five Islands. Five Islands offers a spectacular view of the five islands directly off shore, and you can watch the lobster boats come and go from the dock.

Not mentioned in the article, but certainly among our favorites, are the Lobster Shack at Two Lights, in Cape Elizabeth, where you climb up to a lobster shack perched atop a great bluff, and overlook Casco Bay and the Cape Elizabeth (Two Lights) lighthouses. The view alone is worth a visit. Another favorite is the Lobster Dock in Boothbay Harbor, where you can eat inside or out, overlooking the boat traffic in the harbor, and just a short walk across the footbridge to the village.

Lobster Rolls

An entirely different category (at least that’s our story, and we’re sticking to it) is the lobster roll. Found at many different kinds of eatery (including McDonalds in Freeport!), the lobster roll is an art form of its own.

Generally the roll is a small hot dog bun, laid open, with chunks of lobster piled on it. Some mix the lobster with a sauce, others serve the sauce on the side. Most agree that the less sauce, the better.

Consistently popular enough to cause traffic jams all summer long is Red’s Eats, right on US-1 in Wiscasset. About a pound of lobster chunks on a bun, with sauce on the side, the line winds down the street even on a cold, rainy, spring day. Expect to wait, but don’t be tempted to go elsewhere. You’ve been warned!

A similar experience can be had at the Clam Shack in Kennebunkport, where the lobster rolls are considered among the best in the state.

Lobster Stew

Once again, many types of eatery provide wonderful lobster stews. Creamy and filled with lobster chunks, the best ones are a meal in a bowl. Our favorite in this department is the Sea Basket, in Wiscasset. You can even buy the stock (frozen) to take home. Just add cream and heat!

Check the Maine Lobster Promotion Council for more information about Maine Lobster!

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