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Let’s Look At Lighthouses! Portland Head Lighthouse

June 2, 2010 by Kelleigh Dulany

Portland Head Lighthouse is located in Fort Williams Park, in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, less than half an hour drive from Brewster House Bed & Breakfast. It is easy to visit, in a local park, with free access and plenty of parking. The drive through Cape Elizabeth is enchanting, with a mix of old and newer homes, and glimpses of Casco Bay through the trees.

Portland Head Lighthouse (Maine)The setting for Maine’s Portland Head Lighthouse is dramatic, with its rocky coast and waves which sometimes lash the shore. The small coves to either side of the lighthouse make it a photographer’s dream come true – a site that is the epitome of Maine.

The location was the site of different forts, throughout US history and its wars, and now is a community park, with beach, trails, remains of the military installations and a stone house. The lighthouse itself is one of only four colonial era lighthouses whose tower has never been rebuilt. Commissioned in 1787 by George Washington, the lighthouse was first lit in January, 1791. The tower height has been changed more than once, but now stands 80 feet high, and 101 feet above water.

Portland Head Lighthouse, prior to 1891American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, who was born in Portland, was a frequent visitor, and Portland Head lighthouse is thought to be the inspiration for his 1849 poem, “The Lighthouse.”

On Christmas Eve in 1886 the British bark Annie C. MacGuire was shipwrecked in a terrible storm – so bad, lighthouse keeper Joseph Strout is reported to have said, that even Santa Claus was afraid to be out. The keeper’s family was able to help with a rescue and all aboard made it safely ashore.

Much of the history of Portland Head Lighthouse is on display in the small museum in the keeper’s house, which may be accessed for a nominal charge. The rest of the park is free, and is a popular location for picnics, kite-flying, wading, and hiking, all while watching the boats – sail and power – just offshore.
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Maine Foliage Update, New England Foliage Map

September 29, 2009 by Kelleigh Dulany

October leaves in MaineThe fall foliage season is well under way in Maine and throughout New England.

Normally, in Maine, the colors change from north to south and from west to east. While this is predominantly the case this year, there are significant areas in the middle of the state, in the Highlands area, that are a bit ahead of schedule. Similarly, New Hampshire’s Kancamagus Highway is having an early change, too.

Maine’s foliage area information is updated weekly on the state’s foliage site and map. Today we learned that Yankee Magazine (the magazine of New England) has a foliage map of the New England region, as well.

Along Kancamagus HighwayAs both of these maps reflect, the area along the Maine coast from Freeport to Belfast has only small amounts of color at this point. You would have trouble convincing visitors of this, however. Driving from Portland to Freeport yesterday, there was a lot of green left on the trees (at least 70%), but there was a lot of nice color, too.

What this seems to indicate is that we should have a nice, long, foliage season, with colors changing a bit each day, and different stretches of highway changing into peak color at different times. We think this is the ideal pattern, to maximize the time for great viewing of the fall colors.

Armed with the foliage maps for the area, you can certainly plan your visit to be in the area you want at the right time for peak foliage, but be careful if you want to visit on October weekends, as college homecoming and parents’ weekends, Columbus Day weekend, and other events compete with foliage viewers for guest rooms in hotels and B&B’s throughout the region.

Our various foliage tour packages (from $389, all inclusive) have filled many of our weekend rooms, but there are still a few available, with more selection on weekdays.

Enjoy the spectacular show of fall foliage color in Maine!

Map of Maine Lobster Shacks! Great Places for Lobster.

June 18, 2009 by Kelleigh Dulany

You may also want to see our 2012 update, Secret Lobster Shacks of Maine, with more info, photos, and an updated map!

Update: We’ve received suggestions for additional spots, so we’ve removed the “12” from the title, as that number is no longer correct – there are more!

Not too long ago we wrote a post about lobster in Maine (Visiting Maine Part 4 – Lobster, Lobstah, Ahhh, Heaven). In that post we mentioned an article from Travel + Leisure magazine from a few years ago, called “10 Best Lobster Shacks in Maine.” We noted that a couple of our favorites were missing from the list.

We’ve also posted previously about the seasons for lobster, hard and soft shells, etc., in a recent post.

Little did we know, but Travel + Leisure has updated that article with a June, 2009 version of “10 Best Lobster Shacks in Maine.” There are some wonderful places for lobster in that article, but we still think they’re missing some good ones.

However, one of the questions we most frequently hear is, “Where should I go for a lobster dinner?” Consequently, we’ve put together a map of the top 10 from Travel + Leisure, plus a couple of our favorites, and release it below as a public service :^)

View Favorite Lobster Shacks (and similar spots) in a larger map>

If we missed your favorite lobster shack or restaurant, please let us know in the comments and we’ll see if we can add it for future reference.

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