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On the first day of Christmas

December 14, 2010 by Kelleigh Dulany

’tis the season – for a new roof!

The old roof comes off – near the guest entry.

One thing we’ve always known we would need to do, but have been hoping would wait a bit, is to put a new roof on at Brewster House. In theory it shouldn’t be needed, but the hints have been coming for years.

Every year in the wind storms and Nor’easters that are common in Maine we lose a few shingles. Most times we just have an annual repair and things are fine for another year. This year we lost quite a few more shingles than has been the norm, so we talked to the roofer about a replacement, and decided to go ahead with the project.

He told us that one of the reasons we were losing so many shingles is that the old roof used a shingle that was too light to stay in place in the heavy winds. Sigh. Thankfully, the new roof will be heavier, and should stay in place much better.

Down come the shingles over the dining room

The men arrived early this morning and began stripping off the old shingles. They’ll be here for several days, repairing any wood that is needed, and sealing up the roof and putting on new shingles.

We’re looking forward to a new, – heavier – and more attractive roof!

Carpet and Other Projects

November 12, 2009 by Kelleigh Dulany


As promised, the carpeting of the third floor and back stairs is complete! Of course, since we changed the color of the carpet from blue to tan, it will also mean re-painting the stairwells and hallways, which are now gray, but will soon be a pale yellow/gold.

Back stairs, old carpetBack stairs, new carpetAs you can see from the first photo of the rear stairs, the blue was very pronounced, and it was time to replace the carpet. The second photo shows the back stairs with the new carpet, while the third photo shows the new carpet at the third floor landing.

Third floor landing, new carpetOf course, the need to re-paint the halls and stairs raises the question of what else will be done this winter. To tell the truth, we have quite a long list. In fact, the list is long enough that we fear we may not be able to complete it all, so any parts that don’t get done this year may have to wait for next year.


We hope to install gas (propane) fireplaces in a few of the rooms. We will be meeting with a fireplace company to see what they recommend, but we would love to have some nice fireplaces in at least some rooms. If we can find good prices, and if the installation is feasible, we hope to have some in before Spring.

Paint and Lights!

Most of our guests know that we have painted a couple of rooms each winter. We do hope to paint at least one, and possibly more rooms this year. We also plan to paint some bathrooms and install new light fixtures in those baths that don’t yet have the new fixtures.


We have a longer list than this, but now we’re venturing into the area of things we may not have time to do this winter. If we do manage to get them done, we’ll be sure to post pictures and let you know.

By the way, one thought we have is of putting televisions in some rooms. In our informal conversations with guests, about two-thirds would prefer not to have TV’s in the guest rooms, and 1/3 would like to have them.

Do you have a preference? Please either send us your opinion or post a comment to let us know!

A Window for Carpet?

November 10, 2009 by Kelleigh Dulany

As some will recall, last Spring we carpeted the four queen rooms on the second floor of Brewster House (Rooms 2 through 5), and installed maple flooring in the hallway. In addition to nicer, newer carpet in those rooms, it also provided a uniform look to the carpeting and a nice look to the hallway, as well.

Now that the leaves have settled (and been removed!) in the yard, we have several projects planned, first of which was to carpet the two 2-bedroom suites on the third floor (Rooms 6 & 7), as well as the hallway and back stairs.

Due to a window in their schedule, the installers arrived yesterday and have been merrily removing carpet and installing new, and are about 50% complete at this writing. They expect to be finished by tomorrow evening, so we’ll be posting some before and after photos on Thursday’s entry.

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