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Mapping Whoopie in Maine

February 24, 2010 by Kelleigh Dulany

Whoopie Pie from MaineYou did read that title carefully, right? After all, this is a family-friendly blog!

Until you’ve tried one, you may think the idea of a cream (or marshmallow cream, or whatever) frosting between two moist cookies (or cakes, if you prefer) to be something other than delicious. But give it a try anyway. When you think of some of the things we eat… Oh, let’s not go there!

Suffice it to say, that, as Wicked Whoopies says on their web site, there are at least ten smiles in every Whoopie Pie. They’re not only light and sweet (but not too sweet), but delightful! They often come in different flavors. The traditional whoopie pie has chocolate cookies and a marshmallow or vanilla center. Variations include vanilla cookies, maple cookies, pumpkin cookies, and others, as well as flavored frosting inside, such as maple, chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter or mint.

Not long ago we came across a forum where a conversation started with a simple request about where to find a good whoopie pie in Maine. From the responses you might think this was a discussion about football teams or other matters of national security! From Kittery to Bangor, from the coast to the mountains, someone had a favorite they wanted to defend.

We are aware of some of these places, and have tried whoopie pies at a few, but others were familiar to us for their other wonderful treats, or we didn’t know of them at all, and were happy to have new places to try!

Ruth has even been trying her hand at making some whoopie pies (the maple cookie with maple frosting is especially good!). You may even see them out as a treat at Brewster House. Meanwhile, the map below will help you find some of the places to evaluate for yourself! Let us know if you have a favorite we should add to the map!

View Maine Whoopie Pies in a larger map

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