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Five best things to do in Maine right now

June 3rd, 2020 by Kelleigh Dulany

You know the expression, “Every cloud has a silver lining”?  I can confidently say that COVID 19’s lining was our deeper discovery of the great Maine outdoors and all the ways to appreciate it.   When home schooling was coupled with “shelter in place”, things got a little dicey around here… three kids, one chef and one innkeeper makes for quite a combo. But we have managed to turn the events into a positive and want to share what we’ve discovered with all our guests.  We finally understand why everyone wants to come to Maine to really relax. Our state is simply gorgeous. We enjoyed many activities, but here are our top five things to do in Maine during the shutdown.

Dave & kids geo-caching

Geo-cache crazy here with the kids

GEO-Caching has given us reason to discover lots of lesser-known and therefore more social-distanced hiking around our area.  Armed with a great App and a sense of adventure, this exploratory “sport” offers fun for all ages and a real sense of accomplishment, especially when you find the ‘micro’ ones!!!  Ruby’s got 21 finds in just the last couple months!

Dave Fly Fishing

Dave loves his quiet time at a favorite spot near the Inn.

Fly Fishing has been a slightly elusive hobby for Dave in years past.  Usually an early morning cast is out of the question after mid May.  But well, he’s got COVID to thank for some unexpected time on the water. And you can benefit from all his intel on great spots, fly-tying and other skills he’s been honing.

Biking: For those of you who don’t know me, cycling has been a long time passion.  Frankly one of the big parts of enjoying our relocation to Maine (from New York City) has been the enjoyment of so many great roads with FAR less traffic.  Well, you can imagine the joy I felt when Ruby joined the two-wheeled ranks partially due to all the biking she and I did around town during quarantine.   Ruby can share more about the best roads in and around Freeport, and I’d be delighted to point you on a 10, 25, even 40 mile scenic routes right from our door. They can take you past beaches, farm stands, rolling fields and great coastal vistas for a ride that will long be remembered even after bike is put away.

Cooking – Dave has mastered his art of twisting challah, hand rolling bagels and the countless ways to enjoy sourdough during the pandemic and I’ve been the lucky taste tester! He’s always been a great chef, but the secret steps he’s developed for this are amazing. (In fact, we’ll be offering limited, small – of course appropriately socially-distanced – classes this summer.  If you want to get put on the mailing list when notices come out CLICK HERE.) The only thing better than the  joy of baking from scratch, enjoying fresh food is eating it.

Our daughter Ruby on her bike!

Ask Ruby to show off her new riding skills!

Finally our fifth wonder of the quarantine is realizing all the Freeport things we love – and missed –  during the shut down. We were so excited to learn that

LL Bean has re-opened! The megastore may be operating a little differently – no 3 am shopping 🙁 but it’s so good to have this anchor neighbor up an running again. They always help everyone get outside with confidence, and are ready with all your gear needs.

The Tuscan Brick Oven Bistro has also expanded its outdoor dining seating and they have fantastic curbside pickup offerings that can be enjoyed at your own personalized table in our dining room.

Right now all these opportunities are available only for our fellow Mainers. Certainly it’s a great time to explore our state – crowds are small and opportunities wide. But when restrictions are lifted we look forward to again welcoming our out-of-state guests. It’s silly it’s taken a shut down for us to realize all the wonder right in our community, but our perspective has been refreshed and we’ll happily share all we’ve seen and explored locally when you stay with us at Brewster House.   Ask about a special picnic lunch prepared in advance by Dave so you can get up, get out and get active and avoid the added stress of where and how to fuel up!

RESERVE your deluxe accommodations today.  We’re hard at work to make your stay safe, healthy and relaxing: LEARN more and reach out if you have questions or concerns we can address.

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