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July 7, 2014 by Kelleigh Dulany

“Boating Portland, Part I”, was the first part of this encyclopedic  compenduim, so start there and catch up before you dive in here!

Tour boating captain in blue shirt standing at the helm of his boat

At the helm – Atlantic SealCruies

OK, so we’ve moved up the coast from Portland to Freeport!  I’d love to tell you that there were multiple boating options from our hometown, but I only know of one, Atlantic Seal Cruises, with Captain Ring from Harraseeket Harbor in South Freeport (& Cook’s Lobster House on Bailey’s Island), but when you add in “the neighborhood,” there are AMAZING BOATING CHOICES FROM FREEPORT, & east!   Captain Ring is very entertaining, and works most of the year a commercial tug captain.  You’ll pick up some lobster traps, he’ll show you some seals, osprey, eagles and you’ll spend an hour on Eagle Island at what was the former home of the famous Arctic explorer, Admiral Peary!  Tom and his Wife actually owned a B & B on the Harraseeket waterfront, and he always raves about Brewster House when he stops by! He also does some special trips to Seguin Island light and fall foliage cruises.

A new opportunity locally is a husband and wife team, Bethany & Perry, who would love to share their 31’ ketch, “Tevake”, or their new acquisition, a beautiful dark green 70’ schooner, “Alert.” They sail out of Cooks by the Bailey/ Orr Island granite bridge, off Harpswell Neck. They offer a myriad of 2 hour to 6 hour charters on either yacht. Both boats are beautiful and they sail the local waters of Merriconeag Sound to Casco Bay. I can’t wait to have the time to sail with them! I would recommend this as the premier local sailing opportunity, the dock is a gorgeous 30 minute drive from Brewster House and their prices are very reasonable, and lunch or dinner awaits at Cook’s!

We don’t get a lot of questions about boat fishing, but enjoying ocean fishing myself, I’ll offer a little information.  The “Barbarian III” out of Harpswell is a good example.  Chartering a sport fisherman is a blast, but it’s expensive enough that you’ll want to share the trip (& the stories) with some buddies.  $350 – $450 for a four hour trip is typical (for the whole boat), with $700 – $800 for an 8 hour shark or tuna fishing adventure.  Further, keep in mind, the premier sport fish in Maine are stripped bass or bluefish.  As they are both pelagic (they migrate), the fishing is best in either mid May to the end of June, or September to mid-October.

White cabin cruiser boating opportunity with outriggers at dock

Further afield (or should I say abay), but one heck of a daylong adventure, would be a trip to the lovely, rugged and wild Monhegan This would be an excellent adventure for those enjoying longer stays at Brewster House!  The May edition of Down East Magazine has a great piece about Monhegan, and it’s struggle to keep a year round population. The island is about 8 miles offshore, just short of 2 miles long, and very high and rocky. Its’ jewels are a year round community of artists and a very hardy community of lobster fisherman who only pursue their quarry in Winter, when prices for the delicious sea spiders are higher. It is a lovely place to hike and explore, and at the end of your hike, there’s even a local micro-brewery (the Monhegan Brewing Company) to reward your efforts! You can depart from either Boothbay or New Harbor (either of which is about 50 minutes east of us). Ferries depart at 9AM or 2PM, and you are asked to be there 45 minutes early I would recommend reservations. Bicycles are not welcome, although, you can arrange to bring your kayak!

Yellow & white hulled large schooner at anchor with blue sky behind

Schooner Heritage at anchor

Lastly, and really more of a “mid-coast” adventure is life experience you should not miss! That would be the traditional fishing schooner Heritage at anchorschooner charter fleet that sails out of Penobscot Bay These are largely classic, former fishing schooners, 75 – 150’ in length, that go out for 3 to 10 day trips, complete with crew, all meals provided, and you participate in running the boat as much (or as little) as you like. My Sister, cousin and myself took a 6 day trip on the “Heritage” in August a few years ago and had a wonderful, relaxing trip… TV’s or other distracting electronics, laying on deck at night watching the meteors and satellites, just quiet, extraordinary views of the sea, mountains, islands and marine life aboard a comfortable large, powerful schooner equipped with fabulous water toys, like sailing dinghies, rowing dinghies, etc. Food is prepared on a woodstove and of remarkable quality and taste. Don’t forget your wine!! And, don’t forget to start and/ or end you adventure in the luxurious comfort of Brewster House, at the turn of the Maine coast!



April 12, 2014 by Kelleigh Dulany

God, thank you for today!!  Mid-sixties, no wind and you could even feel the warmth of the sun on your skin!  I took a big gamble and took off my snow tires! 

What’s the last thing you want to do on the weekend, after a week of commuting?  No more driving, or sitting in traffic, right??  Brewster House has your answer!!  Take your comfy seat on the Downeaster, (North Station, Woburn, Haverhill or Exeter, NH), even bring your bicycle, and enjoy the ride!  We will pick you up and drop you off at the station, if you let us know when you’ll be arriving.
Then you ask, “what will we do, Tonto?”  Brewster House recently arranged for you to join LL Bean’s Outdoor Discovery Schools!!  For very short money, LL Bean offers an amazing array of choices of “learn to” activities.  The tie in to being car-less here is that you simply walk the 3 blocks to meet them, and they will take you by shuttle to their Discovery Center where these activities are offered (near Wolfs Neck).  If you can imagine this, you could be learning to fly fish, skeet shoot, kayak, paddleboard, or canoeing!  Further, at specified times, they will be offering mixed activities for more extended adventures, such as biking and camping, sea-kayaking including camping, etc.  In the winter, they offer snowshoeing and cross-country skiing lessons as well (snow conditions permitting).    Check out their website for dates, times and availability 
Our new website is only weeks from being operable.  In fact, it could be sooner, but we want to hold off to include new photographs showing off our newly renovated rooms, which Christian Giannelli will be taking for us next week.  In re-evaluating some of what’s on our current website, and what we inherited vs. new directions we think we should take, we will be offering several new packages.  We know you will find them to be simply elegant and will want to come spend time with us!  One of these will be the “LL Bean Outdoor Discovery Package,” including your choice of activity, and a dinner gift certificate to reward you for your outdoor efforts.
Not being a shopper myself, I’ve long thought we should be offering a package making it clear that shopping does not have to be your activity to enjoy the area (even though it may be your partners)!  I haven’t settled on a name, and please don’t jump on me with the “sexist” label, but I’m thinking of something like “Women Shop/ Men Play Package.”  Please know I am open to other name suggestions!  It is my intention to offer a range of active choices including golf, boating or LL Bean adventures, and maybe a spa treatment for the ladies!  Of course we need to reunite the group with dinner, so a dinner gift certificate will be in order as well.  I don’t know about your relationship, but in ours, usually the guys and ladies team up for such weekends, so this is a perfect set-up for two or more couples!
We are working with a local company who owns five golf courses, including the Bath Country Club and Sunday River Golf courses for a Golf  n’Stay Package.
You know those less exciting seasons?  Here we call them stick and mud season, but you may feel the same about winter.  Don’t forget Reconnect Weekends, where during our slower seasons, you and your family/ friends/ college buddies/ co-workers can take the whole inn for a VERY DEEP DISCOUNT.     

Jump into Spring with a plan to come to Brewster House and play!!  Please call if we can help you plan, or answer questions for you!  We love to help people relax and enjoy life!!!   

More Boating Ideas

July 29, 2013 by Kelleigh Dulany

Scott & Mary
Brewster House Bed & Breakfast, Freeport, Maine

At the risk of being repetitive, time for more local boating opportunities…..  Listen, Maine is all about outdoors, and we’re smack in the nexus of a fabulous coastal ocean and river recreational paradise.  Note the root word “recreate.”  Isn’t that why we come to Maine??  Hey, we all know about the local shopping and eating options, but that’s not how Maine creeps into your “geeze, I can’t wait for vacation” thoughts!
Having a long sailing, fishing and general boating history, I’m working on making it a primary mission to know all the best local options for you to enjoy what we have here.  Did you know Casco Bay has 228 islands?  This afternoon, I had the rare chance to jump on Bella (my trusty motorcycle) and cruise over to Harpswell Neck to meet Captain Barry Commett of the Barbarian III.  Barry’s been on Casco Bay for over 30 years and has recently acquired a beautiful 31’ Eastern powered by a hefty Cummins diesel, which cruises at 16 knots (18 mph).  Barry can take you fishing for cod, mackerel, shark or tuna, although my personal choice would lean towards striped bass or bluefish (piranhas of the east coast).  Barry also loves to share the natural beauty and features of the Bay with his clients, and is just as happy to take you on a seal, eagle, osprey, eider natural tour, while pulling a few of his lobster traps on the way.  The Barbarian is immaculate inside and out, even featuring an oriental in the cabin!  Barry can take up to 6 out for a four or eight hour adventure.  By the way, stripers and blues bite better in May/June or Sept./October when they’re headed from or to the Chesapeake Bay area.  Barry’s website is  At $350 for ½ day, or $700 for 8 hours, this is a premier and custom experience.  Understand, owning, insuring and operating such a vessel does not come cheap!!
Captain Tom Ring takes folks alternately out of Freeport, or Bailey Island.  His mission is more often destination oriented, including lighthouse cruises or Eagle Island (the home of Artic explorer Admiral Robert Peary) visits, with narrated trips out and back pointing out natural features,  fauna, historical items and other nautical lore.  He also pulls a few lobster traps and carries you on a converted 40’ Novi lobster boat.  “Atlantic Seal Charters” is a bit more touring oriented , and carries a healthier compliment of passengers (24?).  Their website is   These trips are typically 3 hours, and also offer some hiking around the Island.  Cost is only $35 – $55/ person, depending on the trip.
The Brewster House has a long standing relationship with Portland Schooners, for that traditional  (but short) Maine traditional coastal schooner experience.  True, you have to drive to Portland, but the good news is that you’re there to eat and drink before and/or after your sail.  It’s very reasonable at $39/ adult, each carries up to 30 people, but keep in mind it’s a sailboat……only really entertaining if there’s wind. I n Maine, your best odds for that are between noon and 5PM, unless you’re lucky enough to have a weather front come through when you’re on the boat.

I have my eye out for local sailboat charter guys, more on that later……..    As in all things, “you get what you pay for!”  Above all, if it’s not raining (and even maybe if it is), do yourself a favor and PLAY ON THE WATER to experience the real Maine!!

PS – I was a little off on the Downeaster, it’s more like $44 – $49 round trip from Boston’s North Station.  My Sister who lives in Newburyport is still convinced that would beat sitting in Sunday night traffic for 5 hours!!

Visit Maine Like A Mainer! The Maine Highlands

July 7, 2009 by Kelleigh Dulany

The sixth in our Visit Maine Like A Mainer! series takes us to the Maine Highlands. The Maine Office of Tourism’s web site aptly describes this region as a region of superlatives, with the largest population of moose and deer in the state, the greatest area of parks, the largest lake in the Northeast (Moosehead Lake), and the tallest peak in Maine (Mt. Katahdin at about a mile above sea level).

The Maine Highlands region actually encompasses six distinct sub-regions, Greater Bangor, Katahdin, Lincoln Lakes, Moosehead Lake, Sebasticook Valley, and Southern Piscataquis. So from the metropolitan area of Bangor, to the nearby University of Maine, north through the other regions to Katahdin area’s Baxter State Park (a gift to the people of Maine by former Gov. Percival P. Baxter), there is something for everyone.

Many will want to visit Baxter State Park to see, and possibly climb, Maine’s tallest peak, Mt. Katahdin. Many others will want to avail themselves of the miles of rivers, streams and lakes, and particularly the Moosehead Lake region, where you may kayak or canoe down a stream, slipping nearly silently along, and find a moose grazing along the stream as you round the bend.

Just beyond I-95 is Lincoln Lakes, offering an appealing mix of small town Maine charm and real outdoor adventure. Sebasticook Valley is a fisherman’s paradise, with small streams, lakes, ponds and rivers. Southern Piscataquis is ideal for the outdoor sports enthusiast, with hiking trails and waterways, as well as villages, craftsmen and historic sites.

If you have suggestions of places you would like us to include in our “Visit Maine Like A Mainer” series, please feel free to post them in the comments, or to Tweet them to us.

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