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Visit Maine Like A Mainer! The Maine Highlands

July 7th, 2009 by Kelleigh Dulany

The sixth in our Visit Maine Like A Mainer! series takes us to the Maine Highlands. The Maine Office of Tourism’s web site aptly describes this region as a region of superlatives, with the largest population of moose and deer in the state, the greatest area of parks, the largest lake in the Northeast (Moosehead Lake), and the tallest peak in Maine (Mt. Katahdin at about a mile above sea level).

The Maine Highlands region actually encompasses six distinct sub-regions, Greater Bangor, Katahdin, Lincoln Lakes, Moosehead Lake, Sebasticook Valley, and Southern Piscataquis. So from the metropolitan area of Bangor, to the nearby University of Maine, north through the other regions to Katahdin area’s Baxter State Park (a gift to the people of Maine by former Gov. Percival P. Baxter), there is something for everyone.

Many will want to visit Baxter State Park to see, and possibly climb, Maine’s tallest peak, Mt. Katahdin. Many others will want to avail themselves of the miles of rivers, streams and lakes, and particularly the Moosehead Lake region, where you may kayak or canoe down a stream, slipping nearly silently along, and find a moose grazing along the stream as you round the bend.

Just beyond I-95 is Lincoln Lakes, offering an appealing mix of small town Maine charm and real outdoor adventure. Sebasticook Valley is a fisherman’s paradise, with small streams, lakes, ponds and rivers. Southern Piscataquis is ideal for the outdoor sports enthusiast, with hiking trails and waterways, as well as villages, craftsmen and historic sites.

If you have suggestions of places you would like us to include in our “Visit Maine Like A Mainer” series, please feel free to post them in the comments, or to Tweet them to us.

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