Brewster House Bed & Breakfast (Freeport, Maine Coast)

A Facelift for the Web Site

November 24th, 2009 by Kelleigh Dulany

Seems like things always take a bit longer than you expect…

OK, maybe they take a lot longer than you expect. But, then, it just makes it nicer when it is completed!!

We’ve been working on a facelift for the website for quite a few weeks now – we keep getting interrupted by the things called “life”.

We were able to put the live site out in production today, and (fingers and toes crossed) everything seems to be working nicely.

There are no really dramatic changes, but our objective was to have a cleaner look, with improvements to the navigation, and larger pictures. We think we’ve managed to accomplish that. We also tried something new – the photos of the rooms on the room pages are in the header, so if you look (for example) at Room Four, its pictures rotate at the top of the page.

One other thing was the few people who sometimes were confused by the combined photos at the top of the page (the house with a lighthouse, the house with a park view, etc.) and thought they could look out the front door and see a lighthouse. We fixed that.

We’ve already noticed that the spacing is a bit different on some of the new pages, so we’ll be cleaning up things like that over the next several days.

We hope you like the changes. Feel free to drop us a note, or post a comment with any suggestions.

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