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More Boating Ideas

July 29, 2013 by Kelleigh Dulany

Scott & Mary
Brewster House Bed & Breakfast, Freeport, Maine

At the risk of being repetitive, time for more local boating opportunities…..  Listen, Maine is all about outdoors, and we’re smack in the nexus of a fabulous coastal ocean and river recreational paradise.  Note the root word “recreate.”  Isn’t that why we come to Maine??  Hey, we all know about the local shopping and eating options, but that’s not how Maine creeps into your “geeze, I can’t wait for vacation” thoughts!
Having a long sailing, fishing and general boating history, I’m working on making it a primary mission to know all the best local options for you to enjoy what we have here.  Did you know Casco Bay has 228 islands?  This afternoon, I had the rare chance to jump on Bella (my trusty motorcycle) and cruise over to Harpswell Neck to meet Captain Barry Commett of the Barbarian III.  Barry’s been on Casco Bay for over 30 years and has recently acquired a beautiful 31’ Eastern powered by a hefty Cummins diesel, which cruises at 16 knots (18 mph).  Barry can take you fishing for cod, mackerel, shark or tuna, although my personal choice would lean towards striped bass or bluefish (piranhas of the east coast).  Barry also loves to share the natural beauty and features of the Bay with his clients, and is just as happy to take you on a seal, eagle, osprey, eider natural tour, while pulling a few of his lobster traps on the way.  The Barbarian is immaculate inside and out, even featuring an oriental in the cabin!  Barry can take up to 6 out for a four or eight hour adventure.  By the way, stripers and blues bite better in May/June or Sept./October when they’re headed from or to the Chesapeake Bay area.  Barry’s website is  At $350 for ½ day, or $700 for 8 hours, this is a premier and custom experience.  Understand, owning, insuring and operating such a vessel does not come cheap!!
Captain Tom Ring takes folks alternately out of Freeport, or Bailey Island.  His mission is more often destination oriented, including lighthouse cruises or Eagle Island (the home of Artic explorer Admiral Robert Peary) visits, with narrated trips out and back pointing out natural features,  fauna, historical items and other nautical lore.  He also pulls a few lobster traps and carries you on a converted 40’ Novi lobster boat.  “Atlantic Seal Charters” is a bit more touring oriented , and carries a healthier compliment of passengers (24?).  Their website is   These trips are typically 3 hours, and also offer some hiking around the Island.  Cost is only $35 – $55/ person, depending on the trip.
The Brewster House has a long standing relationship with Portland Schooners, for that traditional  (but short) Maine traditional coastal schooner experience.  True, you have to drive to Portland, but the good news is that you’re there to eat and drink before and/or after your sail.  It’s very reasonable at $39/ adult, each carries up to 30 people, but keep in mind it’s a sailboat……only really entertaining if there’s wind. I n Maine, your best odds for that are between noon and 5PM, unless you’re lucky enough to have a weather front come through when you’re on the boat.

I have my eye out for local sailboat charter guys, more on that later……..    As in all things, “you get what you pay for!”  Above all, if it’s not raining (and even maybe if it is), do yourself a favor and PLAY ON THE WATER to experience the real Maine!!

PS – I was a little off on the Downeaster, it’s more like $44 – $49 round trip from Boston’s North Station.  My Sister who lives in Newburyport is still convinced that would beat sitting in Sunday night traffic for 5 hours!!

Maine Adventure Blog

July 16, 2013 by Kelleigh Dulany

OK, let’s move to the wild side just a bit.  I want to present a couple of vacation adventure ideas that I know some of you will consider, THEY ARE BOTH “REAL MAINE!”
We’ve happily befriended some local folks who manufacture custom glass & Kevlar kayaks and canoes (not to mention snow-sleds and paddleboards).  They are light and beautiful and you can see them crafting them right here in Freeport.  They are Lincoln Canoe & Kayak on S. Main St., and they’re so smart that they offer you both instruction and the use of their beautiful boats via their Lincoln Outdoor Center, such that you will realize that you need and deserve one.  You can simply rent a kayak or canoe, or paddleboard, join them on a ½ day tour or even a multi-day “explore Casco Bay” trip in early August or late June.  Their Kayaks are the definition of grace and elegance.  Please tell Emma or Mark that the Brewster House sent you!  Check out their website, www.lincolncanoe.comand store when you’re here and you’ll see why we’re crazy about them!!  We can create an unforgettable  Brewster stay/ Lincoln kayak adventure package for you.
Also got an e-mail today from Magic Falls Rafting Company promoting their $49 Thursdays Kennebec white water rafting adventure.  Mary and I have rafted both the Penobscot and Kennebec many times, and will tell you it’s a thrill and fabulous way to experience the waterways and wilderness Maine offers.  The Forks is a little over 2 hours north of here, the trip leaves at 10:15AM, hits the big rapids in the Kennebec Upper Gorge and has you back in camp at 1:30PM, so you can easily be back in Freeport for a long hot shower and dinner, and a room as soft and sweet as the Kennebec was wild and woolie.  Of course, you could raft these rivers anytime, but the timing and price on this deal make for an excellent one-day side expedition.

Some of our best times in Maine have been playing outside, so we hope you will try playing in the water here, there’s lot of it!!

Scott & Mary

Brewster House Bed & Breakfast, Freeport, Maine


July 2, 2013 by Kelleigh Dulany

Scott & Mary
Brewster House Bed & Breakfast, Freeport, Maine

You know, I’ve stayed places where trains are so close they blow you out of bed when they roll by…… whistle shrieking again and again, building shaking…….then again, they can be just far enough away that the whistle softly brings you back to a childhood dream, that reassuring distant low rumble rhythmically lulling you off to a deep sleep.  That’s just how far the Brewster House is from the Downeaster, tracks just north of the Freeport Station, on it’s way to the last stop in Brunswick….sort of a natural sleeping potion….
It’s been a crazy, busy month for the new innkeepers, but we’re getting into a rythym, with two recent rave reviews on TripAdvisor and our five circle rating from same for 2013.  Of course, Scott and Ruth Thomas are largely to thank for the latter, but we’re just as keen on keeping our guest experience superb and the house comfortable and breakfasts, to die for!  Read the reviews if you don’t believe me!
But back to the subject I started with, the Downeaster is becoming a very popular way to catch a quick stress-free dose of Freeport.  Recently Jeremy and Melissa came to us from Texas via the Logan and the Downeaster, and they had a bang-up time in Freeport.  They helped us understand the need to create that pick-up/ drop-off link to the station in town (maybe 2,000’).  Of course, it’s where it’s busy, we’re where it’s quiet, yet only 3 blocks from shopping, restaurants and all that Freeport has to offer.
The train leaves North Station (under The Garden) at 9:05 AM and 5:00 PM both weekdays and weekends, arriving here at just after noon, or just after 8PM.  Boarding is also possible in Woburn or Haverhill, MA, or beyond in Exeter, Durham or Dover, NH.  You can have us pick you and your, bags up (check in isn’t till 3PM), then head back to town to do your thing.  Likewise, we can drop you off for the evening train back to Boston (7PM weekdays, 6:05 weekends).  The round trip is less than $30!!  No tolls, no fighting traffic……and YOU CAN ARRANGE TO BRING YOUR BIKE ON THE TRAIN!!

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