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November 19th, 2014 by Kelleigh Dulany

This was not the blog I started out to write, but it is the blog whose time is right, a real Maine Christmas gift!!

With all the seasonal brouhaha getting cranked up with Christmas ads, Black Friday, etc., etc., we get to the question of what is it that we collectively want, or need……?  As you might imagine, Mary and I move through Freeport with some frequency and observe, and are always amazed at the quantity of stuff people seem driven to acquire. This observation reinforces the question of what would be a great gift to give a loved one for Christmas? We’re not talking here about the not-so-close nephew, brother-in-law or co-worker for whom the compulsory tube socks, cheap bottle of wine or lottery ticket will do, but the folks who are really dear to you and for whom you really want to make smile!

Come on, we all have years, tons, massive levels of semi-useless stuff! How many things do you own that you’ve not touched in over a year? So, let’s move beyond stuff, on to what we all really remember years later, THINGS WE DID AND PEOPLE WE DID THEM WITH!! That’s right, what do your favorite photos show? Things like that great, delicious raucous meal with family or friends, that outrageous white-water rafting trip, that fabulous bluebird sailing trip, that sweet weekend away with best friends, or just that pure escape with great food and none of your usual demands and pressures. All of those were good for lifelong, soul-level smiles!!

Wave breaking over a blue rubber raft full of paddlers in a tier

Maine White Water Rafting

Maine is a very fertile ground for such adventures……mixed up in the away-ness, stark natural beauty, lack of crowds and traffic, and the special places to visit, do, eat and stay. Consider giving a Maine Gift & attendant smile for Christmas!! THE POSSIBILITIES BOGLE THE MIND!!

Hmmmm…gift certificates for;




Hopefully, you’re catching on at this point. THESE ARE THE THINGS WE ARE LESS LIKELY TO BUY OURSELVES, BUT WILL REALLY LOVE GETTING!!  Hey, some of these are as little as $20, so you can pretty much match your budget to one of these timeless gifts!  Don’t forget our 3 night 2 Winter Wonderland or Spring weekends for as little as $382 + tax, or a wild weekend with 6 rooms of your Best Buds for around $200 for each room FOR THE WEEKEND with Reconnect Weekends!!  If you can’t get the kind of crowd coordinated, but want to give a fool-proof, awesome gift, give a Brewster House Gift Certificate 

Hey, we know about these items on the list, so please call if you’d like help!


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